• The Calowry Process Can Save You Up To 30% On Ingredient Costs

    Utilizing a Proprietary Fiber Product and Process, Calowry Reduces the Calorie Content in a Wide Range of Foods Without Compromising Flavor or Taste!

    Patent no. 11882848 | FDA and Health Canada Approved

    The World’s Only True Diet Chocolate

    Solid Chocolate • 40% Water • Less Than Half Calories

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    Calorie Reduction Technology for Health-Conscious Consumers and Food Manufacturers Alike

    With its patented fiber and water blend, Calowry achieves remarkable calorie reduction, up to 70%, spanning across diverse food categories. This innovative solution not only caters to the health-conscious consumer but also presents substantial cost-saving opportunities for food manufacturers.
    Highest Ingredient Cost Reduction Available
    * Figures calculated based on internal analysis, pilot cases and collaborations. Individual results may vary.

    Transforming Food Industry Standards

    There has never been anything on any world market that even comes close to this level of wide-ranging, extreme calorie reduction. All this while increasing healthy fiber content and even lowering the carbon footprint of the final product. To the food manufacturers, it is also of great impact that ingredient costs of their final retail food items are reduced by 25% or more.

    Proprietary Fiber Technology

    Calowry is a very specific food-grade dietary fiber which is manufactured to our specifications and is fully proprietary. It is not artificial, lab-manipulated or genetically-edited! Our ingredients consist of only oats or other all-natural plant sources. The process superhydrates this fiber to allow it to displace a majority of the calories and carbohydrates in the final product.

    All Natural

    The only ingredients in the exclusive Calowry product are strictly all natural, with no added chemicals or artificial substances.

    Plant Based

    Every component in Calowry is found in natural plant sources, directly created from the Earth, with no animal content.

    Non-GMO Verified

    There is not a trace of Genetically Modified Organisms in any Calowry product as it adheres to the Non-GMO verified standard.

    Vegan Ingredients

    The Calowry product is comprised of completely animal-free elements so will suit the most restrictive vegan diet.

    Organic Version

    Calowry is also available in 100% organic variants that are certified to the source and at every step until it reaches manufacturing.

    Kosher & Halal

    Calowry is certified to comply with all Kosher, Pareve and Halal regulations so that all consumers can enjoy its benefits.
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    Incorporate 40% Water Into Your Chocolate Production!

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