CALOWRY reduces most of the calories and carbs


Reduce calories and carbs in any flour-based, ground meat-based, sweets & dips, and pet food by 55% to 85%!

Calowry is the only product and process in the global food industry that allows the formulation of products in many major food market segments that eliminate the majority of calories and carbohydrates while retaining organoleptic characteristics similar to the original. The fact that Calowry achieves these reductions as a completely all natural plant product without any genetic modifications or chemical manipulations, adds to the wonder of the abilities of this unique patent-pending ingredient.

Calowry is a fine powder ingredient that is shipped in any volume from supersacks to containerloads. The product is stable at ambient temperature and humidity and can be integrated into virtually any current food manufacturing procedure. Calowry’s technical experts are available 24/7 to work with your development department in order to formulate products that meet all your production and marketing goals while eliminating up to 85% of all the calories and carbohydrates in the original product.

It’s a cliche but we have to say it: It seems impossible but it’s true!


Breads, buns, bagels, pizza crusts, pastas, noodles, dumplings… if it has a primary ingredient of flour (whether gluten-containing or gluten-free), Calowry can eliminate the majority of the calories and carbs while preserving the taste.


Calowry can combine with any finely ground meats, poultry, fish, seafood, even plant-based meat substitutes to create delicious sausages, burgers, seafood cakes, pates, and hearty protein components for Texas Red Chili, Bolognese, Chowders and more.


The wide variety of sweets and dips can be produced with Calowry from nut butters to compote jams to hummus. The most amazing product, however, is solid chocolate that is indistinguishable from the original with only 40% calories and carbs.


Calowry can achieve caloric values below 25% in virtually every type and flavor of moist or semi-moist dog and cat food. An extremely palatable pet food at 1/4 the calories of conventional is just one of the remarkable achievements of this product.