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    Calowry Is Staffed By Folks On A Mission

    To re-invent food by creating healthier alternatives and providing nourishment for the world

    patented calowrie flour and oat fiber in brown weaved bags decorated with oranges coconut wheat

    About Us

    The unique Calowry ingredient is the result of eleven years of R&D by a dedicated team of experts led by CEO Glenn H. Coulter, a Cornell Ph.D. and the former Marketing and Licensing Director for all of Agriculture and AgriFood Canada’s national research centres, and Hal P. Chouinard, inventor of the product/process.

    The company’s strict adherence to business standards is evident in its Board of Directors that includes a former director of the BC Securities Association and a former agent with Revenue Canada.


    Calowry is pronounced Calorie! We managed to sneak a LOW in the middle of the word just to show how clever we are. Several of us actually did dislocate our shoulders patting ourselves on the back that day.
    - Glenn

    Hal Chouinard – Founder & Director

    Glenn H. Coulter, Ph.D Cornell – CEO

    Curtis Pel – Operations Director – Canada

    Kate Wilson – Research & Development Director

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    Patents Awarded

    The core of the Calowry product and its proprietary process lies in the fusion of fiber and water. However, merely reducing fiber size and blending it with water does not suffice. The fiber must possess specific characteristics to effectively function within the Calowry process.

    Achieving full integration of the fiber-water slurry into the food product, thereby preserving taste while reducing calories, carbohydrates, and ingredient costs, is the result of years of extensive research and development efforts.

    Calowry holds two granted patents, one for its pioneering fiber technology and another specifically for its integration into the chocolate manufacturing process. Notably, our patent represents the first-ever incorporation of water in the creation of solid chocolate.

    Patent no. 11882848 | FDA and Health Canada Approved