• Pilot Project

    Join Our Pilot Project to Create Low-Calorie Chocolate with Uncompromised Flavor

    At this time, we are looking for chocolate producers to develop proprietary pilot projects with. Our goal is to reduce input cost and produce chocolate products with lower calories, the best part is your products will have the same great taste.

    Submit Your Interest to Lower Costs and Calories in Your Food Products Today

    If you are interested in reducing cost and lowering calories in your food products, please fill out this form. Our team will review the information and in some cases a food technologist will come to your kitchen and co-develop a recipe to your spec. 
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    The Calowry Way to Reduce Calories

    As consumer preferences shift towards mindful indulgence, Calowry presents a selection of data demonstrating significant calorie reduction in flour and chocolate-based treats. While this is just a sample, our research encompasses thousands of additional food items.
    bread slice trimbread slice trim
    TypeCalorie Reduction
    White / Brown Bread47%
    Extreme Reduction Bread83%
    Chocolate Solid Snappy15%
    Chocolate silky-soft for interior truffle55%
    Chocolate Hazelnut Spread61%
    Jams and Compotes88%
    Nut Butters58%
    Flaked Compound Fish66%
    Sausage Stuffing61%
    Hummus or Raita48%
    Pet Food77%